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Paint Can Hero users painting a Wall


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  • Does the Paint Can HERO fit all paint cans?
    The Paint Can HERO fits all traditional paint cans with a metal collar and lid. This includes both full metal cans and hybrid cans. Hybrid cans have a plastic can body with a metal collar and lid. If you find a can that it does not fit, please reach out and let us know. Paint Can HERO does not fit in all plastic cans.
  • Does the Paint Can HERO fit empty paint cans?
    The Paint Can HERO fits all traditional empty paint cans as noted above, however, it is designed to fit cans that have previously had lids installed in them. For the best fit / seal, prepare an empty can to receive a Paint Can HERO by installing the lid on the can and let it stay sealed for an hour or longer. If that time is not available, install and remove the paint can lid 3-4 times and this will help prepare the rim to receive the Paint Can HERO.
  • Does paint dry on the Paint Can HERO while it's stored in the can?
    As long as the paint can is sealed properly, the paint on the Paint Can HERO inside the can will stay wet just like the paint in the can since the seal is airtight.
  • Can you use Paint Can HERO with stain?
    The Paint Can HERO will work with some stains, specifically stains that are thicker which are usually stains with more pigment. The thinner stains tend to leak between the spout and the ring which will fowl the rim of the Paint Can HERO. It will still work to dispense these thinner stains, but it is not guaranteed to be mess-free.
  • How can I adjust my Paint Can HERO if it doesn't twist to the locked position smoothly?
    The Paint Can HERO ring must be installed level above the top of the paint can so that it can twist on the ledge of the ring. If your Paint Can HERO doesn’t operate smoothly, remove it completely and reinstall it verifying that the gap between the Paint Can HERO ring and the top of the can is uniform. See the HOW-TO INSTALL instructions for additional information, specifically STEP 1C and PRO TIP #1.
  • Can you paint directly out of the can with a Paint Can HERO installed?
    Painting directly out of the can is possible and the Paint Can HERO can be used as a brush wipe. Having said that, we do not recommend painting directly from the can because we find that it tends to contaminate the paint, reducing its quality, and the paint actually dries on the Paint Can HERO which can affect its operation and can make it more difficult to clean.
  • How do I clean the Paint Can HERO if paint dries on it?
    Most water-based paint will simply rinse off the Paint Can HERO especially if the spout is kept wet in the can. However, if the Paint Can HERO is left out of the can and paint dries to it, the paint can either be pulled off or scraped off with a sharp object. For oil-based paint, simply wash with mineral spirits and then complete cleaning the Paint Can HERO with soap and water.
  • Is the Paint Can HERO reusable?
    Yes. Simply remove the Paint Can HERO from the can and reinstall in your next can if it is the same color. If your next can of paint is a different color, remove the Paint Can HERO from the can, separate the ring from the spout and rinse clean. See the HOW-TO REUSE instructions for additional information.
  • Is the Paint Can HERO recyclable?
    Yes. Simply remove the Paint Can HERO, wash clean and recycle with other plastic items.
  • Who would I contact about being a retailer of the Paint Can HERO?
    If you’re interested in being a Paint Can HERO retailer, we’d love to hear from you. Just use the ‘Message Us’ form above or give us a call at 1(314)798-7969.
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